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The Energy saving house

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When it comes to saving money, everyone is always looking for ways to save. The good news is that right inside your own house you will find many ways. First, take a look at your windows, check to see that they have a good tight seal to them, this can be a large energy consumption and tally on your electric bill each month, winter or summer it don’t matter, so checking the seals is a must.

Secondly, take a look at your doors and windows for this one, in the daytime during the summer, look at placing the blinds down and deflecting some of that light out of the house, especially if its a room not being used at the time. You can do the same thing in the winter time, except during the winter open the blinds during the middle of the day, this is a great chance for letting heat into the house on that cold winter day. Just by placing blinds on your doors and windows, you will also notice a cut in your bill and also watching your house become more energy efficient.

Picture of ac unitNext, comes to cleaning out your vents, every spring and fall you should try and get through your house and clean the vent ducts out, checking for any dust build up or anything that may cause the vents to not output right, this can add up on your bill as well especially if you have to run the AC unit or heating unit longer because of these block in the vents, by clearing these clogs you are making your house again more energy efficient. Contact complaints and reviews – Oasis Energy, for more information.

Another great option for summer time to make your house more energy efficient is have your AC unit checked prior to the summer months, this allows you to make sure there is plenty of coolant in the unit, by having the right amount of coolant and no leaks, your AC will run both more efficient and less, because it will cool the house down faster and not loose the cool air to the warm outside air.

Ceiling Fans, this is another huge house asset, if your house has ceiling fans turn them on in the summer, this allows the cooler air to transport down to the floors faster and also allowing your house to cool faster, again this is another good energy efficient idea. This method can also be used during the winter, you will just want to make sure that you turn your fan so that its spinning the opposite direction during the winter months.

A huge energy efficient idea from the Oasis Energy – complaints and reviews that you can use an probably the best of all ideas is to control the temperature of your AC unit a good temp for the summer is around 65-70F, this will keep the house a very comfortable temp and also once your house gets to this temp and you follow some of the ideas above you should see your AC not having to run as much as it should be able to control the temp quite nicely.

If you were to follow just one of the steps above you have a very good chance at seeing your house become both more energy efficient and also cheaper to heat or cool, this makes for a more eco-friendly house and also allows you to be more friendly to the environment.